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The utility curb, boring and mundane though it may be, performs many useful, and sometimes vital purposes.  

Curbing is used along the sides of roadways and driveways to maintain the integrity of the roadbed and direct the flow of water.  Along walkways it is used to help in discouraging vehicle traffic in an area designed and built only for pedestrian traffic, and again, to maintain the integrity of the walkway bed.  Without these simple, strong constructs, the edges of roads, sidewalks, walkways and driveways would soon fall victim to weather and traffic by chipping, cracking and falling apart.  

Curbing can also be used to separate traffic zones in parking lots, private streets and drives, median strips and trails.  And, if you've ever returned to your car in a parking lot without concrete bumpers, and found the damage others can do without these simple limiters, you know the importance of having them.  

The simple curb can do much towards reducing your property maintenance costs, as well as combating the ever rising insurance costs we all face.

Protect your investments with our quality concrete curbing products. 

Additional photographic Examples available on the Picture Samples page.

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