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Accent and Decorative Border Curbing can be used to dress up most any property.  Its design flexibility allows for curves, turns and contours.  It acts as effective root barrier that saves hours of trimming and edging.  And, with the mower strip style (pictured above) allows for mowing to the grasses edge, greatly minimizing the chore of trimming.

And, unlike wood, it won't rot.  Unlike metal, it won't rust or tarnish.  Unlike block or brick, it won't twist or turn-over, and unlike bricks and blocks, it is crack and shatter resistant.

Separator Walks Curb Art

Perhaps you've been thinking about setting up a putting green in your desert landscaped yard, or just want a little patch of grass to wiggle your toes in, but haven't been able to figure out exactly how to do it while still keeping the overall beauty and flow of your yard.  By creating a contoured divider with our border curbing, you can do just what you're hoping to do, while improving on the looks of your yard. (Separator example)

Maybe you've decided it's time to replace that boring old walkway with something new and beautiful.  Or, you've always wanted a walkway somewhere, but weren't sure how to proceed.  Have we got an idea for you.  Take a look at this sample walkway and see what you think.  (Walk example)

There will always be those with a vision.  A statement to make.  Or, maybe just a little more creative than most.  If you are one of these artistic visionaries, you might just find yourself looking for a tasteful and exotic way to enhance your environment.  Curb Art just might be for you.  (Curb Art example)

Stimulate your imagination by browsing through our Picture Sample page and discovering a few more design ideas.  



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